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~ Monday, October 20 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Devil

A very handsome devil, so I’ll leave you with this!

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Yesterday’s Drawlloween = Skull

Couldn’t find any wifi to post this yesterday, so here it is today! Traveling back to London now, so today’s Devil will be coming up later!

Tags: Illustration drawing skull halloween inktober drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober2014 lnk october draw a day drawing challenge month autumn fall detail brush pen inking creepy monster zombie Bone
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~ Saturday, October 18 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Gore

Don’t sneeze with your eyes open!

Tags: illustration drawing inktober inktober2014 drawlloween2014 ink pentel brush pen brush inking line draw a day drawing challenge october halloween autumn fall gore slime skate punk skull tattoo eyeball zombie monster
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~ Friday, October 17 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = 8-Bit Zombie

Now I need to find my old Megadrive!

Brought to you via pub wifi in the middle of nowhere, aka the British countryside.

Tags: illustration drawing zombie 8bitzombie 8bit sega sega megadrive ink pentel brushpen brush inking draw a day drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2014 halloween october inktober2go detail art
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~ Thursday, October 16 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Scarecrow

Since he’s got some kind of feathered thing on his arm, he’s not doing a very good job.

Heading to the Lake District tomorrow so I’ll keep doing these

 but may need to wait to find some wifi to post them all!

Tags: Illustration drawing mosters dracula drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2014 alien skull rat cute halloween october fall autumn pentel brush pen spooky pumpkin spider zombie
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~ Wednesday, October 15 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Alien

Squeezed it in before midnight after a full day of traveling. This little chap has been lovingly created in the North of England where I’ll be for a few days. Internet access is slow so emails / posts and stuff may be a little delayed!

Tags: Drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2014 drawing draw a day halloween alien mars attacks brain dude october autumn fall pentel brush pen lines detail art illustration
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~ Monday, October 13 ~

Today’s special Drawlloween = Eyeball

And yes, it’s my 25th Birthday wooooooop!

Tags: illustration drawing eyeball eye drawlloween Drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2014 october birthday october 14th happy birthday 25 cake party
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Today’s late Drawlloween = Grave

Hectic day meaning I only just sat down to do this at midnight, so it’s a little late oops!

Today’s (14th) coming soon, might as well do it now! It’s a special one too!

Tags: illustration drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2go inktober2014 ink art pentel brush pen draw a day halloween grave october fall autumn
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Today I finally got to meet Luke from Violent Soho and show him the original Violent Soho artwork in person! Also made a little mini Soho skull for him to take back to Oz!

Tags: Violent Soho Luke Boerdam Hungry Ghost Illustration mini london drawing skull cute art ink australia brisbane 4122
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~ Sunday, October 12 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Dragon

Squeezed this one in with 30 mins left of the day. Mid week I’ll be traveling to the Lake District again so internet will be sparse, but I’ll endeavor to upload these as frequently as possible.

Hope you’re enjoying them, thanks for all the likes and comments!

Tags: illustration dragon drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober skull halloween cute trick or treat candy fall autumn october lizard pumpkin ink pentel brush pen inking draw a day drawing skeleton
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