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~ Thursday, October 16 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Scarecrow

Since he’s got some kind of feathered thing on his arm, he’s not doing a very good job.

Heading to the Lake District tomorrow so I’ll keep doing these

 but may need to wait to find some wifi to post them all!

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~ Monday, October 13 ~

Today I finally got to meet Luke from Violent Soho and show him the original Violent Soho artwork in person! Also made a little mini Soho skull for him to take back to Oz!

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~ Sunday, October 12 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Dragon

Squeezed this one in with 30 mins left of the day. Mid week I’ll be traveling to the Lake District again so internet will be sparse, but I’ll endeavor to upload these as frequently as possible.

Hope you’re enjoying them, thanks for all the likes and comments!

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~ Friday, October 10 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Frankenstein

Day 10 of these little critters!

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~ Thursday, October 9 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Werewolf

Here’s a dapper furry dude, went out for a skate sesh under last nights full moon, came home a wolf.

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~ Tuesday, October 7 ~

Todays Drawlloween = Bat. Here’s a silly little dude trying to tout some dodgy watches.

By the way, these Drawlloween fun little sketches are all done within 30 mins to 1 hour to keep them short and sweet, that’s including the idea and sketching. All on A4 too, a little smaller than I usually work.

I’m thinking of a way to combine them all at the end, print / zine / tea towel?!

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~ Monday, October 6 ~

Today’s Drawlloween = Haunted House. Here’s some silly little furry folk conjuring up some unwanted weirdness in their beautiful countryside skull home.

This craziness is brought to you by my sniffing, coughing, voice-loosing, herbal tea overloaded self.

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~ Thursday, October 2 ~

Here’s an early day 3 of Drawlloween - Rat, getting his Trick or Treat game on.

Failed to sleep at a reasonable time because of a sore throat / cough so thought I’d get this done after the witching hour.

Tags: illustration rat cute drawlloween drawlloween2014 inktober inktober2014 trick or treat ink pentel brush pen ink brush halloween october autumn drawing draw daily draw draw a day challenge
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~ Friday, September 26 ~
I created a complete set of characters for First Direct for the Little Frill online game. Little Frill is a small, chatty northerner who also happens to be a lizard, he hates bad customer service. Check him out in action, he’s the star of the latest 30 second TV ad.

The characters are all digitally illustrated in photoshop using a Wacom Intuous Pro with a small photographic element added to each piece.
Check out the game and Little Frill on twitter.
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~ Sunday, September 21 ~

Scribbled together this little guy tonight. Once I get more frames in i’m going to start putting some minis back in the store!

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